Will Johnny and Jenny be caught out?

Jenny sneaks in the factory for a snog with Johnny in Coronation Street but will the factory girls smell a rat?

While Aidan tries to negotiate with the factory girls, Jenny slips inside and she and Johnny kiss passionately. When Aidan offers the girls cakes and double time, they crack but as they troop back in they catch Johnny and Jenny together.

Leanne tears a strip off Liz, telling her that she and Steve have come to an agreement and it’s none of her business. Liz calls a truce and promises Steve the last thing she wants is to see he and Michelle split up. Meanwhile, Nick tells Leanne that his whole relationship with Carla was based on lies and he would never want to go through that again. Realising it’s time for complete honesty, Leanne admits that her baby’s father is Steve McDonald!

Tim takes Craig to the Rovers for his first legal pint for his 18th birthday and Beth throws a birthday party at No.5. As Craig opens his cards, he comes across a letter from the police and his face falls. His application has been refused on the grounds he failed to declare a relative’s criminal conviction.