Will Johnny reveal Sam’s secret?

In the aftermath of Johnny’s attack, despite Jack and the rest of the town praising her for her heroism, Sam tries to desperately wipe away any trace of evidence that she ever harboured Johnny, consoling herself that he will never wake up from his injury. But when a comatose Johnny begins to mutter in hospital, Sam is left with the terrible fear that he might still wake up and tell all.

Still shaken from Johnny’s attack, Jazz reassesses her life and ends up apologising for throwing herself at Tony, admitting she was driven by jealousy of Rachel. Tony begins to see a more human side to Jazz.

Cassie is finding it hard to deal with Henk’s return. Although she still loves him, she can’t forget that he left her when she needed him most, pregnant and with HIV. He’s determined to make amends, but after a confrontation with Rachel he comes to the same realisation that he is only ever going to bring Cassie pain, and though he’ll always be there if she needs him, it’s best that he leaves her to get on with her life.

Also, Annie regains her faith after hearing about Sally’s near-death experience, and Matilda and Ric decide to move in together.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 11*

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