Jonny’s recovering well after being stabbed in prison, where he was awaiting bail after being charged with the murder of patient, Julie Kale. Now he’s on the mend, though, hospital boss Guy wants him off the ward – but Jac believes he’s innocent and refuses to discharge him, knowing he’ll end up back behind bars. Meanwhile, Julie’s husband Steve returns to the hospital. After Julie died, it was discovered that a new battery powering her Kibo heart machine had been swapped for an old one. Mo reckons Steve might remember something that could exonerate Jonny.

Steve has suffered memory lapses since a car accident nearly two years ago but Mo hopes she can jog his memory by walking him through a Crimewatch-style reconstruction in the room where Julie died… and eventually he remembers that he mistakenly killed his wife! With Steve ready to admit responsibility for Julie’s death, it looks like Jonny could be in the clear. But it might be too late as Guy’s discharged Jonny himself and the police arrive to take him back to prison. Can the team prove Jonny’s innocence?

Mary-Claire gets a job offer to work for Michael Spence in Chicago but she’s afraid to consider it as she refuses to leave Harry, who’s recovering from major facial reconstructive surgery. Harry’s initially delighted with the result of his op, but when Raf says there won’t be any more surgery, Harry vows to go to Chicago, so that Michael can operate on him AND he can be with Mary-Claire.

Harry’s soon hit by the realisation, however, that he needs time to get used to his new face. Coming to his senses, Harry tells Mary-Claire he doesn’t want to hold her back from going to the US, leaving her with a big decision to make…

Also, Arthur rededicates himself to impressing Serena to win a place on AAU – but can he let go of his suspicions that his patient is withholding the truth from him?