Will Jono pop the question?

Rhys catches up with Cindy in the village, she tells him Tony’s all she needs, she loves him. But life is already difficult as Tony falls over and she has to help him to the toilet. When Jacqui visits Tony and supplies a dose of tough love, Tony appreciates her normality. There’s still a special bond between them. Cindy, Jacqui and Tony go to get the CT results. It’s good news, the swelling to his brain is temporary.

Back at the flat, she gets a visit from Myra, she’s there to reveal their affair but reconsiders when she sees Tony…

Elsewhere, Jacqui thinks her marital problems are her fault. She offers to play video games with Rhys and is visibly saddened when he rejects her offer. Rhys is elated when Cindy wants to meet and she reveals she’s cancelled the engagement party. But his mood changes when she reveals it’ll be a wedding instead, she’s getting married to Tony, in 10 days!

Ruby tries to convince Jono that she loves him and when she heads to the Folly she finds a lego house, with a toy soldier proposing to a lego girl – cue Jono with a Haribo ring. She accepts.