Phil is struggling to cope as Ben’s court case looms and downs a whisky. Solicitor Ritchie arrives and reveals that the charges against Ben are so serious it may have to go to Crown Court. Ritchie reveals that Ben’s case would be helped if Jordan confessed to provoking him. Shirley storms into Denise’s and demands that Jordan tell the truth. Phil is furious that Shirley could have jeopardised the case by breaking the non-contact order.

Jordan gets a visit from the police who reveal that Ben could be jailed for four years. Denise questions Jordan about the attack and wonders if there’s more to the story. Jordan confesses that he taunted Ben. Denise thinks Jordan should change his statement, but Lucas won’t hear of it.

Darren wants to take Jodie out on a date and lies to her that he owns the car lot to impress her. Darren takes Jodie to the Vic and they’re interrupted by Heather who asks Darren to look after George the following day. Darren sheepishly admits that George is his son, but Jodie understands. Darren is shocked when Jodie reveals that Vanessa is her mum.

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