Will Josh and Brad discover Imogen’s secret?

Imogen and Mason’s relationship is becoming more and more physical, and Mason suggests they book a hotel room at Lassiters to celebrate his birthday. Imogen agrees, but after having a hypothetical discussion with Amber, Imogen decides that she needs to wait, and Mason agrees.

After her chat with Imogen, Amber shares the situation with Lauren who decides to tell Terese that Imogen is thinking about getting intimate with a boy. Both Amber and Terese work out the boy in question is Mason. Terese confronts Imogen but just as Imogen reveals the truth, Brad and Josh return home and overhear what she’s saying. Josh is outraged – instead of supporting him through his accident, she’s been focused on clearing Mason’s name.

When Toadie learns that he’s missed Nell’s first steps, he tells Sonya he didn’t answer her call because he was annoyed with her for taking the support group convenor job instead of putting their family first.

Sonya is upset, she hasn’t taken the job and an argument escalates. She’s an addict and always will be. Toadie realises that although Sonya fulfils his every need, he can’t fulfil hers. Accepting this reality, Toadie encourages Sonya to take the support group convenor job, healing the rift between them.