Will Josh be found guilty?

The Ashworths are on edge, anticipating Josh’s dreaded court case. Meanwhile, Josh turns up at Darren’s flat drunk, he has to try to sober him up and get him to the court on time. Once there, Josh bravely refuses his family’s help, he takes a last long look at his family and friends and disappears inside the court. Rhys guilt consumes him as he waits on Josh’s fate, as Darren tries to comfort a distressed Suzanne and overplays his hand.

Theresa has outstayed her welcome at hard-nut Kyle’s. As she dodges questions about the McQueen’s involvement in Calvin’s murder, he announces that the gang member he got the gun from wants it back. Kyle threatens her that if she doesn’t find out where the missing gun is, she’s going to get badly hurt.

Amy tries to convince Olly she’s not ready to sleep with him, but Olly turns vicious – he’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Also; Ricky panics to Kris that he’s messing up – his dad’s in pain and he can’t help. Kris urges Martin to come clean to Ricky and tell him that he’s getting worse. Martin refuses to foul up Ricky’s GCSEs and begs Kris for drastic help.

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