Will Josh bust Amber and Daniel?

Knowing Amber’s been immersing herself in the game Crash Words, Josh asks Imogen to teach him to play. He eventually invites Amber’s friend, Scoop24, and is stunned to discover it’s Daniel. Searching out Amber for answers, he walks in on her with Daniel in the dark room – kissing.

Kyle, Georgia and Chris drag Sheila and Naomi along to a rehearsal for their wedding dance, but things quickly turn tense. Their anger at each other is clear, although out of respect for Toadie and Sonya, Sheila stays quiet about the reason behind the fight. Naomi’s grateful, determined to move on. But it’s clear the warring Canning women won’t be healed any time soon.

Karl’s concerned about Paul’s behaviour and urges Daniel to convince him to speak to someone. But Daniel knows his uncle won’t have do that and he pleads with Karl to let him try and help Paul. Karl agrees, on the proviso if there’s no improvement they will have to take further steps.

Fed up with her father’s inability to juggle being both a teacher and their father, Imogen decides to rebel, and drags Josh along. When Brad discovers they’ve wagged school, he comes down hard on them. After some advice from Susan, Brad apologises to Josh and Imogen.