Will Josh confess to the police?

When Tyler spots Aaron’s flyer regarding the accident, he realises that Josh’s car was involved. Before he has the chance to warn Josh, Steph spots the car and tells Josh he has two hours to confess to the police. Josh refuses to consider the option, as he doesn’t want to see his grandfather in a home. But Doug goes to Steph and confesses everything…

Amber contemplates life as a single mum when she is offered a job in Queensland. When Josh discovers the job advertisement in the baby bag and that Amber has been offered the position, he’s left stunned.

Michelle tells Paige that she doesn’t feel safe in the caravan park and, as the two have a heart to heart, it’s clear that they have a lot in common. When Mark arrives to re-locate Michelle, he warns Paige not to be fooled by her crocodile tears.

Sheila continues to push Amy and Kyle away as she feels that they will eventually abandon her. Yet Indi brings the family together to discuss their growing tensions, so everyone can enjoy Christmas.