Will Josh escape a prison sentence?

Josh and the Willis family face his sentencing hearing, but are stunned when they discover that Chris’s addendum suggests that Josh doesn’t deserve a custodial sentence. When the judge hands down a community service order, the Willis family are relieved. Later, Brad and Terese can begin to talk about their relationship issues but Terese requests they delay the conversation even longer.

Sonya’s shocked when Patricia gives her a serve for Toadie taking on Josh as a client. When Brennan witnesses the attack firsthand, he begins to consider if she could be the person sending Sonya’s mystery letters. Later, Karl and Georgia open letters about Sonya and we see the same distinctive red envelope sticking out of every letterbox on the street.

Doug invites Paige round to a Willis family get-together. Despite her grandfather’s warmth and support, it serves as a reminder for Paige that she’s causing trouble for the Willis family when Doug suggests to Brad that he and Lauren could have made a go of their relationship.