After his collapse, Josh is checked out in hospital, but is dejected to learn he might be alcohol intolerant. While the family waits for his test results, Doug and Pam make an announcement – they’re going travelling around the world. Brad is saddened, but when he talks to Pam, she admits she wants to create new memories with Doug. As the Willises bid them farewell, they’re all inspired by Doug’s courage. So much so, that when he learns he definitely can’t drink again, Josh decides to follow in Doug’s footsteps and find his true calling.

Callum’s upset when Josie doesn’t show up at the 18th birthday party. Desperate to prove his love, Callum turns to Toadie for help. Toadie’s got a master plan, and when Callum puts it into action, he and Josie finally reunite. Everything is peaceful in his world again – but then Josie hits him with a bombshell, she thinks she’s ready to take things to the next level.

Paul decides to hold a networking event at the penthouse and enlists Daniel to serve drinks. Everything’s going well, until Matt turns up to repossess Paul’s Daisy Nader painting – it’s been reported stolen.

Paul’s certain Matt’s got it wrong, but he’s forced to co-operate to save face in front of his guests.