Will Josh leave Holby for Devika?

Josh says a painful farewell to Devika and Sajani having agreed he should stay in Holby. When the paramedics are called to the scene of an accident, Josh deals with his feelings by throwing himself into his work.

In the ED, Toby watches as Adam delivers bad news to a patient’s family and nervously laughs at the worst moment. Exasperated, Adam sends Toby out on a paramedic shift where he can’t upset anyone else.

Marilyn tells Harry that, to save money, either Tess or Charlie must take redundancy. Harry calls them to his office and breaks the shock news that one of them must leave by Christmas.

Certain that Adam is the blogger who’s given her the nickname ‘Chuckles’, Ruth proves the point that the ED is no place for games by wearing a red nose as Adam tells a woman her partner has died of a drug overdose.

Finally, Josh decides to follow his heart, and makes a dash for the airport where he reaches Devika just in time to join her and Sajani on the flight.