Will Josh move back to Mangrove River?

Josh tells Maddy that he’s considering moving back to Mangrove River to appease Andy. Maddy is furious and stalks off angrily. She turns up at the Braxton’s and asks Kyle to talk Josh out of moving to Mangrove River. Kyle tells him Josh thinks real family wouldn’t put him in that position. Later, Josh tells Maddy that he has decided he isn’t going to leave Summer Bay.

It’s Jett’s fifteenth birthday, but when Jett gets a birthday text from Marilyn, John bristles. He mentions that Marilyn has a new beau called ‘Brian’. Jett is disappointed when John reveals his birthday present is a rundown old boat called ‘Diana’.

Meanwhile, Marilyn confides in Alf that she’s worried John’s seeing a woman named ‘Diana’. Alf bursts out laughing and tells Marilyn to go and see John and Jett on the beach. Marilyn finds Jett on the sand while John struggles with ‘Diana’. She tells John that there’s no Brian and the two make up.

Bianca tells Ricky that she was scared to get close to Harley in case she hurt him – and that’s exactly what’s happened. Heath tells Bianca he’s done some thinking: having Harley at home was causing too much pain so he’s decided to return him to Jess and organise interstate visits. However, when Heath calls Jess, her mother answers the phone and tells him Jess has just died.