Will Josh’s date end in disaster?

Excited about the upcoming date between Josh and Claire, Mrs Tembe confides in Emma that she’s done a bit of matchmaking. Emma can see her excitement, but warns that matchmaking is never a good idea. Meanwhile, Josh is full of nerves – he’s not sure he can trust himself alone with Claire. When Claire arrives for the date looking very different than she does by day and makes it clear she’s keen on Josh, he gets more and more wound up and eventually snaps, confessing he’s a convicted rapist!

Claire becomes frightened and there’s a very tense moment when it looks as if Josh could really be a threat, but the moment passes and Claire runs out of the room. Angry, Josh goes straight round to Mrs Tembe’s house and tears into her. Her interference has put him in an impossible situation and an innocent woman at risk. Why did he listen to her? She’s a deluded, foolish woman who knows nothing!

Also, an investigation into a vicious assault puts Howard’s policing skills to the test.