When Brad suggests that Don may be under-timing Joshua to make it look like he’s improving, Joshua bans Brad from his training sessions. However, after talking to Chris, Joshua learns that Brad’s misgivings about Don may be right, and confronts Hudson. When both Don and Hudson vehemently deny anything dodgy, Joshua puts Don to the test, proving to himself that Don is indeed rigging his times. Returning home, a chastened Joshua tells Brad that he wants to break his contract with Don.

Lauren and Matt offer to babysit both Nell and Patrick at the same time. Later, Lauren reveals to Vanessa that she would love to have another baby. At the same time, Matt, confides in Brad, revealing that he doesn’t have the energy for children.

Having discovered that Rani is on the pill, Ajay confronts Bailey, warning him not to even think about ‘going there’ with his daughter. Later, Ajay confides in Karl, revealing his sadness that Rani is unable to confide in him. Eventually Ajay is forced to accept Susan’s offer to help.

Meanwhile, Karl realises he also needs to be more open-minded and asks Georgia to join The Right Prescription.