Will Julia and Martin’s row end in disaster?

Julia rants about her bad day to Martin over lunch and he says this is reason enough for her to move with him to North Wales. On the way home, Martin takes Julia to a playground, recreating a romantic scenario from her youth. Julia’s charmed until Martin pushes her to consider his offer.

Julia is angry at him for believing she has nothing to stay in Letherbridge for and stomps back to the car. Driving home the argument continues until a car comes out of nowhere smacking into Martin’s car, which rolls over before crashing down. Julia and Martin are motionless.

Elaine and Mrs Tembe go to their self-defence class and Mrs Tembe winds up instructor Darren with her constant interruptions. When Mrs Tembe and Elaine role play, Mrs Tembe gets a little too into the role of ‘attacker’, completely throwing Elaine, who loses it and beats Mrs Tembe with an inflatable hammer.

They leave, with Elaine noting how strangely people can behave when in character. Mrs Tembe agrees, accepting Elaine’s apology… oblivious to her own behaviour.

Also, after an encounter with some medical students, Daniel realises that he needs to practise what he preaches when it comes to bedside manners.