Julia and Chloe have enjoyed their weekend together even though Sally arrives half an hour early to collect her. Sally reluctantly comes inside, but when Julia mentions that Chloe said she’s missing her Dad, Sally snaps and drags Chloe away, leaving Julia dejected.

Julia later admits to Elaine that the stress of keeping her time with Chloe from son Patrick is weighing on her mind. So when she gets a text from Patrick asking if there’s any news about Chloe, Julia has a dilemma. At lunch in the Icon, Elaine advises that the most important thing is Chloe, who needs her grandmother. Julia decides to text back… and lies that there’s no news.

Marina tells Elaine that Heston kept her awake all night with his snoring, but she’s not going to let it put her off him, she’ll find a cure! Later, Marina gives Heston some nasal spray and suggests that he lose a little weight to help with his snoring. She even suggests laser treatment.

Back at Heston’s, Marina seems annoyed when Heston opens the wrong bottle of wine but manages to rein it in. But when Heston says they should invite Ian over, Marina loses it, shouting that she doesn’t want to hear his name again! She calms down but Heston is left wondering – has Marina really changed?

Also, Elaine becomes concerned when an elderly patient believes he can see his wife’s deceased ex-husband.