Julia has a spring in her step after a delightful weekend with Martin, but he arrives early to cancel lunch as his house sale is going through unexpectedly early today. Julia confesses to Karen they’ll just have to make the most of the time they have left. Martin returns and asks a shocked Julia to come to North Wales with him. She flatly turns him down.

Buoyed with news of popular support, Heston meets with his defence counsel, Godfrey, to go over the case – but Godfrey doesn’t share his confidence. Godfrey warns Heston that the CPS must feel there’s a case to answer and they can’t rely on the old boys’ network.

Heston tells Godfrey that he can think of no mitigating circumstances to explain his state of mind. Godfrey mentions Marina, but Heston erupts – he will not have her name mentioned in court.