Will Justin confess his feelings for Hannah?

Hannah‘s thrilled when Matt turns up and reveals he’s doing a uni tour with one of his bands. Justin is jealous and when he later sees Matt getting close to another girl he’s fuming. Justin tries to warn Hannah off Matt but she wonders why he’s being so protective and they share a moment but Justin backs off. Matt and Justin end up having a fist-fight and Ash rescues Hannah when she gets caught in the middle, while Leila wonders why Justin’s so interested in Hannah.

Michaela and Zak keep their romance under wraps but Zak plays it cool when he’s forced to confess to a suspicious Archie. Michaela decides to show Sasha to her new boyfriend but the girls interrupt Zak and Archie in the middle of a pickled egg-eating contest and Sasha is disgusted when Zak throws up over her new shoes! Michaela is left crushed when Zak bluffs he’s not interested in her in front of his friends.

Russ rethinks his teaching style and when Gaz taunts Theresa in class, Russ gives them both a detention. Russ tries to set Gaz on the straight and narrow but doesn’t realise he’s bullying Theresa and his confidence as a teacher is knocked when Theresa flees the room in tears.

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