Justin sees Scarlett and asks her to come for a drive with him, but before she has time to answer, Caleb interrupts and wants them to carry on their private conversation. Scarlett heads back to Caleb and he makes it clear that he wants them to give their marriage another try. Does Scarlett want the same thing? Later, Scarlett finally meets up with Justin and he lays his heart on the line. He wants to be with her, she just has to say the word. Who will Scarlett choose?

Meanwhile, Tori’s shocked by Ash’s violent streak and tells him that his actions scare her. Will Ash’s temper be the beginning of the end with Tori? Meanwhile, Irene is left torn as Mick says he wants her to be there for him during his parole hearing. Irene tells Leah about Mick’s demands and Leah tells Irene that she’s not responsible for the things that Mick has done. After their heart to heart, Irene tells Mick to leave her and Luc alone. How will he take the news and will Irene regret her decision when she finds out that Mick has been set free from prison?

At the hospital, Mason watches on as Beth is struggling to breath and is in agony. Mason tries his best to remain positive and, when he sees Tori, he tells her that he hates seeing Beth in so much pain. Later, Mason sees Tori working on a crash victim, whose heart would be perfect for Beth….