Katy is planning to go to London, but feels guilty about leaving new beau Justin behind. Justin is worried that he’s going to lose Katy for good and angrily confronts her, asking her why she got together with him if she knew she was leaving for University in September. But he’s left with a big decision to make when Katy asks him to come to London with her.

Amy and Josh are on the run and their families are frantic, with Mike feeling particularly guilty that his attitude towards Josh may have driven his daughter away for good. He doesn’t help matters by charging over to the Ashworths and pointing the finger at Josh which goes down badly with Rhys and the men come to blows.

Back home, Kathy and Sarah turn on Mike, telling him he’s the reason Amy has done a runner, and he knows it. Elsewhere, Amy and Josh decorate their derelict home and dream of their future together.

Nancy is thrilled with Jake’s vampy birthday present, but is less happy when she learns that Steph is babysitting Charlie while she sits an exam. Later Jake and Nancy get together in II Gnosh and one thing leads to another…

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday June 26*