Karen decides a big family roast is in order, but preparations are thrown into chaos as Jack and Immie bicker as they help then Karen cuts herself and, as she attends to it, the meal burns in the oven. Karen’s so upset but, luckily, a full-on disaster is averted and she becomes guest of honour at a revamped meal. Later, looking at a family photo album, Karen remembers time spent with her children – it’s a huge moment and it seems like the Hollins family are back on track.

Meanwhile, Niamh and Al are hailed as heroes for their lifesaving exploits but Emma’s disappointed that Howard simply sees it as a marketing opportunity. However, Howard then has a genuine moment empathising with Niamh regarding similar situations he experienced in the army and, seeing that Emma’s impressed, Howard wonders if there is a spark between them. But just as Howard’s about to suggest they go out together, yoga instructor Adam turns up…

Also, Mrs Tembe must make amends when she’s partly responsible for losing someone’s life savings.