Alone and scared Karen has been held in a police cell overnight on suspicion of murder after the body of a man was found in the boot of a car. When questioned by police, Karen says she has no idea who the man in the boot was. Will Karen be proved innocent of murder in time to save the next victim?

Simon and Lily agree that Sapphire’s addiction could be masking an underlying health problem, but they wont know until they get her clean. Sapphire tells Lily that she first got her drugs from her mother, but now she goes straight to the dealer so she doesn’t have to see her mum. Sapphire eventually agrees to a drugs programme.

Zara is being great with Izzie, which makes Daniel suspicious. Thinking she has a game plan, he warns her to keep her distance.

*Doctors celebrates its 10th anniversary on Friday, March 26 and every day this week there will be a short programme following each episode of Doctors to mark the event*

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