Will Karen ever remember Rob?

At the hospital, Heston reluctantly agrees to try and convince Karen to talk to Rob. Karen’s having a good time chatting with Mrs Tembe about fit male nurses and seems to rather like Heston after he introduces himself. But when he mentions Rob, Karen shuts down; she doesn’t want to see him! Heston tells Rob, who’s distraught – he wants to drag her out of the hospital and make her remember him. Heston advises patience; there’s techniques they can use. However, Rob knows Karen doesn’t want to remember their life together, she’s happy as she is.

Emma and Chris are off sick with the flu and as they sit at home watching films together, they discuss Rob and Karen’s situation and Emma doubts Karen will ever fully recover. Chris is angry at Emma for being so pessimistic; not everything is like it was with dad. When Emma suggests they move house, Chris thinks she just wants him out so she can have her single life back. Will these two ever stop arguing?

Also, Valerie helps a stressed woman who is struggling to manage her own business and care for her elderly mother who appears to have severe dementia.