Will Karen find herself out of a job?

Mrs Tembe promises Karen and Valerie she’ll start to take their suggestions on board, so they’re surprised when a self-service check-in machine arrives for installation. After a few hiccups, the machine aids the smooth running of reception, even when a non-English speaking patient checks in. Mrs Tembe ends the day happy, while Karen is left fearing for her job.

Heston prepares for the arrival of Ruhma and the kids, but when Shak and Alia argue about which room they want, he gets a view of what it could be like. He manages to stop the arguing, even saying that they can have friends round whenever they want. Ruhma can’t quite believe what she is seeing, as Heston and the kids get on famously.

Towards the end of the evening, however, things soon escalate as the kids argue with Ruhma about noise levels and Heston finishes the evening with an interesting overview of what it is going be like with his new family.

Also, Jimmi gets caught in the middle of a friend’s relationship issues.