It’s the day of Karen’s interview at the hair salon, and she comes in as a bundle of nerves, with a very New Romantic haircut to showcase her abilities. Valerie stirs up Karen’s dreams of success and a career doing the hair of actors in Hollywood, all the while secretly hoping she can take Karen’s place if she leaves The Mill. Mandy criticises Valerie for distorting Karen’s expectations, but Valerie insists she’s just being encouraging.

Karen turns up to her interview with bitchy salon owner Clio, who initially mistakes Karen for a customer and offers to fix her dreadful hair. Karen tries to remain enthusiastic in her interview, as Clio questions her qualifications and makes jokes about her age, and Karen leaves in no doubt that she won’t get the job. Karen puts on a brave face as she returns to The Mill, where a guilty Valerie tells Karen she really belongs here after all!

When Mrs Tembe tells Heston of her infuriated response to Daniel’s offer to be Joe’s godmother, Heston gives her some food for thought – OK, Daniel’s selfish but who’s really losing out if she says no? It’s Joe. As Heston makes her realise the impact she can have on Joe’s life as godmother – and with Valerie eyeing up the role for herself – Mrs Tembe tells Daniel she’d be delighted to accept his offer!

And, left for dead, Kevin has to race against time to save Steve from the vigilante gang who kidnapped him.