Having given up his building job to work with Stella behind the bar, Karl watches jealously as Jason and Stella run the Rovers and it finally looks like Jason is the winning man. But when Karl steals a set of keys to the Rovers it seems the fight may not be over.

Katy desperately tries to defend herself to Chesney, assuring him she loves him and she never slept with Ryan. But when Chesney questions her feelings for Ryan she can’t deny them. As Katy begs for another chance Chesney’s whole world falls apart.

In the pub Dev and Sunita announce they’re back together. But when Stella tells Dev some home truths and warns him that he’s making a terrible mistake, Dev’s rattled. It’s clear Stella’s words of warning to Dev may sabotage Sunita’s newfound happiness.

Also, Eileen persuades Peter, Karl, Rob, Tommy, Jason and Dr Carter to sign up for the Full Monty.