Packing to head home to London, Malcolm finds some of his old toys and suggests his parents do a clean out to give themselves extra room. Liking the idea, Karl and Susan load boxes into the storage container but when Toadie parks his car in front of it they’re trapped. Finding their old slide projector, they look through lots of old photos and they begin to reminisce about good times they have shared over the years.

However, as realises how much he and Susan have shared, he’s convinced they should have a fresh start, and make their marriage work. But he’s in for a shock when Susan makes it clear there is no way back for them, and announces that she’s going to move out.

Desperate for her Christmas party to be a success, Sonya’s nervous when she learns Karl – who’s agreed to play Santa – is busy taking Mal to the airport. Karl assures her that after dropping Malcolm off they’ll just put a few things in storage and then he’ll be there. When Karl fails to show, Sonya has to pretend to be Santa herself, upsetting most of the children as a result. Luckily for her, Toadie steps in and saves the day.