Will Kat cheat again?

Kat feels wracked with guilt for betraying Alfie, who brings her flowers thinking she’s angry that he got so drunk. Alfie is bewildered when Kat claims her bad mood is down to her being unsure about joining the pub league. Assuming Kat’s worried about his undeserved place on the team he burns his boots and says he’ll co-manage instead. Meanwhile, Kat’s getting constant calls from her mystery lover. Eventually she answers and insists he leave her alone. Kat gets a text begging her to meet up.

Phil forces Ben to help out Shirley on the opening day of the burger van. When Shirley later sorts through their smelly work clothes, she picks up Ben’s jacket and is shocked when a birthday card to Heather falls out. Shirley is furious that no one reminded her it was Hev’s birthday. Phil is frustrated as Shirley is once again plunged into grief.

Joey is Lucy’s Knight in Shining Armour when he sees off a lad giving her some unwanted attention with a punch. Lucy later pulls Joey to one side and he apologises for overreacting. Joey’s taken aback when Lucy leans in for a kiss. Joey warns Lucy he’s bad news, but she seductively leads him back to the house…