Kat is crestfallen when Alfie turns down her suggestion of an evening together. She flirts with a punter to get him to react and is disappointed when he’s unmoved. Kat goes out and ends up back at a bloke Troy’s flat with Kim and Troy’s mates. Kat confesses to Troy her husband won’t fight for her. Kat falls asleep on Troy’s sofa and makes it home in the early hours. Alfie is stony, thinking she’s been with another man, and won’t listen when she insists nothing happened.

Afia is shaken after her encounter with Tariq. Meanwhile, Zainab is delighted when Yusef talks Tamwar into going to Pakistan until Zainab is settled. Yusef meets with Tariq again and reassures him he’ll have the restaurant as soon as he buys out Afia and Tamwar. Afia confronts Yusef and says she knows he tried to kill Zainab. Afia wants him to tell Zainab or she will…

Max worries that Tanya is doing too much, but she gets annoyed with his fussing. Max bumps into Jane and tells her that Tanya has cancer. Jane goes straight to Tanya’s and in tears offers her support. Tanya thanks Max for telling Jane and says she doesn’t know what she would have done without him.