Will Kat cheat on Alfie?

Alfie tries to woo Kat with a macho act ,but she’s not impressed, and thinks he doesn’t care any more when he’s disinterested in her outfit for a night out with the girls. In the club, Vic deliveryman Mark flirts with Kat. Alfie realises that he’s made a mistake and leaves Kat a message to apologise. But it’s too late, Kat is outside the club after having sex with Mark…

Syed doesn’t want Christian to be excluded from his daughter’s life and sees a lawyer about what persuading Amira let them both have access. The lawyer thinks Syed may have a good chance if he uses a mediator. Syed approaches Masood, but it’s not the best time as Masood is in a panic after discovering Zainab has taken Kamil and left with Yusef. Syed reassures Masood that Zainab would never take Kamil away from him.

Whitney is nervous before her date with Tyler, while Anthony teases Tyler as he gets all dressed up. Tyler and Whitney’s date at Argee Bhajee starts awkwardly. Whitney’s surprised when Tyler ducks under the table to hide from two girls he knows. Tyler thinks he’s blown the date, but Whitney is amused and says everyone has a past.