Will Kat go through with her lie?

Kat is due in court, but she’s still in a dilemma whether to go through with her false testimony. Although Alfie points out the risks, Mo convinces Kat that she’s doing the right thing and accompanies her to court. Stacey, however, is determined to stop Kat, and is back in Albert Square, coming face-to-face with Ronnie. When Roxy turns up, horrified to see their father’s killer she goes to call the police. Ronnie stops her, allowing Stacey to escape and head to the court to stop Kat before it’s too late.

Alfie is horrified when he’s confronted by Aussie Nicole, as he let her fall in love with him in Australia to get his hands on her money. Even though they’ve not even shared so much as a kiss, Nicole hasn’t been able to get Alfie out of her mind. Alfie tries to lie his way out of his predicament, leading Nicole to offer an indecent proposal.

Shabnam has got over her parents’ marriage split and realises it would be good for Masood to find himself a new partner. Keen to matchmake him with the perfect woman, Shabnam makes some suggestions. Masood, however, isn’t interested as he’s already got his eye on someone.