Will Kat realise Alice is innocent?

Joey convinces Kat to visit Alice in prison, hoping she’ll realise Alice’s innocence. Grilling a confused Alice over the details, Kat realises that Janine told Alice what happened that night. Despite a moment’s doubt, Kat tells Joey that she still thinks Alice murdered Michael. When Kat learns Janine’s put in a bid to buy the Vic, she can’t bring herself to trust her.

Ronnie is suspicious of where Roxy has spent the night, but she’s thrown off the scent when Tina covers, pretending Roxy was with her. Confronting Shirley about letting Roxy stay, Ronnie discovers Roxy lied and spent the night with Carl. Finding Roxy in the pub getting drunk with Tina, a worried Ronnie drags her home. Ronnie realises that they need to get away from Walford, secretly booking three one-way tickets for Ibiza.

Dexter is getting more distressed by Sam’s disappearance, losing it with Phil at the Arches. Dexter’s outburst earns him the sack and when Lola tries to comfort him, he mistakenly moves in for a kiss. Dexter’s day disintegrates further after an argument with Jay leads him to let slip to Abi that Jay cheated on her. When Dexter couldn’t care that Ava’s turned down a job for him, Cora suggests Ava go to Newcastle after all.