Will Kat stop the wedding?

Alfie is full of doubts on the day of his wedding to Roxy. Confronted by Kat, Alfie tells her that their kiss was a mistake. When Ronnie later guesses his feelings, a rattled Alfie blows up at her. Best man Ian notices Alfie’s strange mood but Alfie covers. At the church, Alfie cracks, confessing to his kiss with Kat. Ian thinks Roxy’s the woman for Alfie, urging him to go through with the ceremony.

Roxy is excited on the day of her wedding despite another run-in with a worried Ronnie. At the church, a radiant Roxy is impatient when there’s a hold up, not knowing Alfie is on the verge of doing a runner. Trying to find out what’s going on, Roxy peeks into the church and is delighted to find Alfie waiting for her at the altar.

On the morning of Alfie’s wedding, Kat confesses her kiss with Alfie to Bianca, who urges her to talk to him. Heartbroken when Alfie insists it was a mistake, Kat decides to leave for Ibiza with Tommy. Discovering Kat’s about to head to the airport, Bianca insists on driving, but goes via the church… Kat arrives just in time, but unable to go through with it, she lets a hesitant Alfie say ‘I do’.