As James and Hannah stabalise Kat, James tells Nate the next 24 hours will be critical. Nate sits by Kat’s bedside all night until Ricky comes by the next day to take him for a walk. Later, Kat finally wakes up and asks for Nate, but he’s on his walk with Ricky leaving her disappointed.

Zac offers to help Charlotte and Hunter move into their new place above The Diner. Later, Zac promises VJ that the move won’t get in the way of basketball try-outs. VJ tries to make amends with Hunter, but things don’t go to plan. Afterwards, Hunter heads back to the apartment to see Zac and Charlotte bonding and Zac has multiple missed calls from Leah.

Zac soon realises he’s lost track of time and misses VJ’s basketball try-outs. When VJ and Leah return home, they give Zac the cold shoulder.