Will Kate admit she’s in love with Kyle?

As plans for the wedding – and the secret engagement party – roll on, the pressure on Kate is building. Georgia pushes an already fragile Kate too far and she snaps. Georgia concedes and she apologises to her maid of honour. Elsewhere, Chris alerts Kyle to Kate’s struggle and suggests approaching her to deal with it head-on. But in doing so, Kyle may just have sown the seeds for the whole situation to unravel as an emotional Kate flees the house the next morning, telling Chris she’s in love with Kyle!

Having discovered a policy hole in Erinsborough, Karl sets about exploiting it for the mayoral race, catching the community off guard. But Paul focuses in on the one area of weakness: the location of a new childcare centre.

Having stated that the Community Centre would be the perfect place for it, Karl is caught in Paul’s trap as he plays competing interests against Karl to create a battle of the sexes.

With a new lease on offer, Rhiannon’s life has come together but Mason breaks up with her, once and for all. But not before he tells her just how strong and capable she is. She just needs to believe in herself.