Jade joins Kyle at Charlie’s but only because she knows Kate will be there and she’s clearly annoyed when Kate and Kyle are messing around. When Rhys comes into Charlie’s, Kate panics and her secrets out when Rhys hands her the earring she lost, saying she must have left it at his the other night. Kyle realises what he’s getting at and looks upset.

However, when Kyle asks Kate about it, she continues to lie, telling him she didn’t stay at Rhys’s house. Later, when Kyle tells Kate that he’s sorry for thinking she stayed at Rhys’s she admits she lied, and that she did stay there. She tells him she isn’t perfect like he thinks and he puts too much pressure on her to be something she isn’t. When Kyle confides in Jade about it she loses her temper with him.

Desperate for cash to pay for the schoolies trip, but with Paul still refusing to help, Andrew tries to make some money quickly. When two French backpackers ask Andrew for help finding somewhere to stay, he realises he can make some money out of them. His plan doesn’t pay off as much as he’d like, but it does give him an idea for a money-making business.