It’s the night of the bachelor auction and Kyle’s getting nervous as he lines up with the other chaps. Meanwhile, Kate is torn between bidding on a stranger, as prompted by Jade, or following her heart and going for Kyle. When the time comes Kate bids for her crush, to Jade’s confusion, though Kate convinces her that her intentions are pure. But on their romantic date will Kate tell Kyle how she really feels?

Karl and Rhys compete to see who’ll get the biggest bid and, following Vanessa’s advice, Rhys decides to fund her to bid for him, thereby ensuring he wins. As they prepare for the evening, Rhys’s feelings for Vanessa grow, but Lucas gets suspicious as he watches Vanessa bid a lot of money on Rhys. Will he stand by and watch Rhys muscle in on the mother of his child?

And Paul is concerned when he discovers there’s a huge secret bid to win him in the auction but he’s pleased to discover it’s from PR consultant Zoe. Unfortunately for him, she’s done it to enhance his profile and he’ll be paying the bill.