Will Kate choose Mason or Brennan?

Brennan tells Kate he still loves her and he knows she still has feelings for him too. Kate is rattled and turns to others for advice. Georgia is very much pro Mason but Paul insists that Brennan’s the right man for Kate. In the end, though, it’s Amber who makes Kate realise it’s Mason she needs to choose.

But before Kate can break the news, Mason reveals Brennan has a girlfriend back in Sydney. Although it hasn’t influenced her choice, Kate says goodbye to Brennan, but when she tells Mason she’s chosen him, it’s too late. Mason’s ego won’t let him be anyone’s second best and Kate is left with no-one.

Paul deliberately sets Terese up to fail. But when she succeeds in outsmarting him, Paul concedes defeat, suggesting they should meet up for drinks. Terese, however, explains The Willis’s are hosting Ramsay Street’s inaugural Bite Club. Paul’s miffed. Not only is Terese showing him up at work, but now she’s also starting to encroach on his personal territory.

Pleased with how his family’s settling into Ramsay Street, Brad attempts to bridge the gap between himself and Matt. But despite Brad’s best efforts, Matt can’t get past the fact that Brad dated Lauren. However, when Lauren confronts Matt about his jealousy, he’s careful to hide it.