Will Kate confess to the police?

Susan tells Kate that Rebecca needs her to go to the police and tell them she gave a false alibi, but Kate panics and tells her she has no idea what she’s talking about. At home, Kate is uptight and when Lucas and Mark speculate as to why Rebecca left, Kate becomes stressed.

At Harold’s, Susan pursues Kate but she tells her it’s none of her business and if she wants to protect her then leave her out of it. Susan asks Toadie for advice and is shocked when he tells her that giving a false alibi can result in a prison sentence. Later, Susan tries to explain to Kate that if Paul goes to the police then she will be in more trouble than if she goes herself, but Susan tells her there’s no choice. Kate listens and goes with Susan to the station.

At home, Michael is stressed and it’s only Tash telling him he’s scaring her that stops him walking over to Paul’s and punching him. Meanwhile, Paul breaks down. Tash tries to distract her dad by asking him about his record collection and she’s shocked when Michael smashes one up. Tash calls on Lucas for help as she’s worried about her dad. At Charlie’s, Michael confronts Paul, who warns him he hasn’t even got started on him and his family.

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