Harry and Sophie plan to give Kate the 18th birthday she always wanted. Unearthing the book of plans she made with their mum when she turned 17, they organise her ideal party. However, they forget that the one person missing from the list is the one person she wants there the most, her mum. Rebecca organises a beautiful birthday lunch at Charlie’s and books Kate Cebrano to sing. As touched as she is by their efforts, Kate finds it only reawakens her grief for her departed mum.

Zeke feels stupid after selling out to the big corporate bullies – Paul! Karl reminds him that if he’s not happy about the way things are going at PirateNet he should talk to the boss about it – Rebecca! When he tells Rebecca he feels the advertorials are compromising both his and the station’s credibility, Rebecca goes to Paul and puts her foot down. 

However, Paul twists Rebecca’s mind and tells her the business comes first, over the talent and she backs Paul instead of Zeke, forcing Zeke to quit. Paul and Rebecca struggle to find a replacement, so when Zeke returns, agreeing to do the commercials and go back on air, Rebecca has no choice. But Paul and Rebecca are in for a big shock.

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