Kate has to make the biggest decision of hers and Sophie’s life, when Mark explains the only way they can be together is if she goes with him into protection… and they have to leave in thirty minutes. Kate doesn’t think she can do it but Mark assures her she can, she just needs to pack one bag of essentials. He leaves Kate to explain what’s happening to Sophie.

Sophie can’t believe Kate would consider packing up her life and leaving Erinsborough, but Kate explains she loves Mark and there is no other way. However, Sophie refuses, telling Kate she can’t just pack her life up.

Back at the house, Sophie waits for Kate to be distracted and runs out before she can stop her. She heads over to see Mark, asking how he can expect Kate to do this. Mark calls his mum and leaves her an emotional farewell message, before explaining to Kyle what’s really going on, telling him to keep it to himself.

Kate’s relieved when Sophie finally agrees to leave and they hot-foot it to the car park where Mark’s waiting, but as seven o’clock approaches and there’s no sign of Kate, Mark’s boss tells him the can’t wait any longer. Kate’s devastated when they arrive and Mark’s gone, having no idea of where he is.

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