Will Kate ruin her new relationship?

It’s the night of Kate’s date with Mark, but following her conversation with Paul, she is too distracted and worried to enjoy it. However, doing what Paul asked, she questions Mark about the case. When Mark picks up on her behaviour, she tells him she doesn’t feel well and he leaves.

Kate goes to see Paul and tells him that Mark told her they don’t have a suspect and are re-interviewing everyone. The next day, when Kate realises how much she likes Mark she tells Paul that she’ll stick to her story about Rebecca but she wants nothing else to do with him.

It’s the last day of term and tickets to Andrew’s party are nearly sold out. When Andrew asks Summer if she is coming, she says no. Chris knows the real reason is because of Andrew and Tash and tells her the Summer he knew wouldn’t let Tash stop her having fun. Chris shows her he has two tickets and Summer agrees to go.

At the party, Andrew tries to talk to Summer but a jealous Tash puts a stop to any conversations and asks Summer why she’s really there. Outside, Summer collapses and is taken to hospital.

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