Realising she’s lost her phone, Kate heads back to the beach, narrowly missing Dominic, the guy who’s found it. When she calls her phone from Erin’s, she’s surprised when Dominic answers. Although wary, Kate arranges to meet him to collect her phone but when she gets lost she misses Dominic’s assigned time slot.

Worried she’s lost it for good, she’s relieved when cheeky Dominic gives her one last chance, but their meeting turns sour when he messes around and accidentally drops it into the pool. Frustrated, Kate turns on Dominic, wanting nothing to do with him again, despite his offers of dinner. Despite her anger, she can’t help but be intrigued by him.

Michael struggles to shake off thoughts of Emilia but, when he’s awkward around her in front of Lucas, Emilia’s disappointed they can’t just move on. However, when she learns Tash’s suspicions that Michael has a mystery woman, Emilia realises he does have feelings for her and confronts him. Giving in to temptation, Michael kisses Emilia.

Jealous of how concerned Kyle is about Kate, Jade puts him in charge of looking after Lyn’s dying indoor plants. Kyle refuses but Jade’s confident he’ll eventually cave in. Determined to prove he’s no pushover, Kyle claims he’s thrown the plants out – only to secretly smuggle them to his yard for protection.