Will Katie steal from Gray?

Katie is startled when Gray catches her looking at an adoption website and has to do some quick thinking. Later, Chas tells Katie she deserves financial compensation for all she’s been through, but Katie is unsure. Chas pushes Katie to fill out a blank cheque that Gray has left lying around but she insists she’ll get what’s owed without having to steal.

Donald cancels lunch with Anna to meet Carl and an offended Anna decides to leave. Donald pleads with Anna to stay for Miles’ sake and begrudgingly admits that he’d like her around, too. Carl is stunned when he discovers that Anna is staying after all and worries that she will come between him and Donald, but he’s relieved to note there’s still tension between father and daughter. Anna takes Carl aside and warns him that she wants what is rightfully hers.

Jasmine and Jake decide to break the news about their relationship to Laurel and Ashley. Despite the heartache between the Thomas and Doland families, Laurel is thrilled and Ashley also gives his blessing. Ashley and Laurel go out for dinner with the Bishop and leave Arthur in Jasmine and Jake’s care. Ashley and Laurel are relieved to note that Jake isn’t harbouring any resentful feelings over Arthur.