Will Kat’s lover ruin her night with Alfie?

Alfie offers to let the Branning brothers hold their poker night at the Vic flat, excusing himself for a romantic date with Kat. When the brothers notice the pawn shop receipt on the notice board, Alfie reveals Kat pawned her mum’s ring to save the business. After the poker game, one of the brother’s takes the pawn receipt on the way out. Kat’s stunned after a great night with Alfie to find her mum’s ring left for her in an envelope.

Christian is persuaded to join Syed for dinner by a concerned Lucy, who wants them to work things out. Syed feels awkward about his decision when Christian reveals how much he’s missed Yasmin. When Syed asks Christian for his forgiveness, Christian loses it and calls him a liar and a cheat. His heart melts when Syed finally confesses how much he loves him. Christian’s joy is ruined when Syed reveals that Yasmin is going to live with Amira.

Roxy buys a bottle of wine to take over to Michael’s when she learns that he’s babysitting Tommy. Over dinner, Roxy and Michael discuss what love means to them. At the end of the evening Michael asks Roxy if she and Amy want to move in – no strings attached.