Will Katy keep her baby?

Fiz discovers the horrific truth about John. As Fiz and John prepare to run, Katy calls round revealing she’s going for the abortion today. Tortured John reveals he’s spoken to Chesney and he wants her to keep the baby. Fiz and Katy are stunned. As they ask where he is John’s evasive, but he implores her to keep the baby.

He then rushes to the Hoyles’ grabbing Chesney and telling him to call Katy now. Insisting he’s a murderer Chesney accuses him of killing Charlotte and Joy. John starts stammering explanations, but he’s cut short when Fiz appears behind him.

David gets a confession from Kylie. As the social worker calls on Kylie, Steve and Becky hope she’ll play ball; they could get to keep Max and disarm Tracy’s threat. Kylie backs up their story, but when David walks in it gets messy. As the social worker leaves to make her decision David storms round to the McDonalds, accusing them of bullying Kylie. Determined to shut him up Steve reveals Kylie sold Max.

Graeme’s gutted to learn Xin is leaving. He’s still holed up at Eileen‘s. It becomes clear that he’s avoiding Xin and, thinking it’s just a tiff, Eileen lures her round to talk.

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