Linda asks Izzy and Katy to Portugal with her. The girls are touched, but decline her offer. However when Katy has a spat with Callum, she tells Owen that she’s decided to take Linda up on her offer and move to Portugal.

Gail and Michael are at odds about her late appearance at the registry office, convinced she had a case of cold feet. Meanwhile, Gavin tells Steph and Andy he wants his £2,500 by tomorrow or he reveals all to Michael. Desperate to protect Michael, Gail tells Gavin she’ll get him the cash and in return she never wants to see him again.

Yasmeen and Sharif are annoyed to find Leanne and Simon staying at No 6. As the Nazirs tuck into Leanne’s casserole, they’re interrupted by a call, explaining that the flat needs a complete rewiring and she won’t be able to move back in for at least a week.         

Sean and Billy are bemused by Emily’s coldness towards them. Eileen pores over the responses to her dating profile. David berates Callum for keeping Max out, but Callum’s unfazed.