Will Kelli leave her sister to die?

Amanda survives the car crash, but lies pinned inside her car while petrol pours from the engine. Satisfied Kelli watches and waits for the car to explode, and informs Amanda she still blames her for the accident that scarred her for life, and it’s now Amanda’s turn to suffer.

After Kelli admits she orchestrated Amanda’s downfall over the past few months, she leaves her trapped sister to her fate and the car explodes. Peter arrives at the scene of the burning car and is relieved to see that Amanda managed to free herself before the explosion. She’s rushed to hospital, where she undergoes emergency surgery for internal bleeding. As the police arrest Ethan and Kelli, Peter comforts a shocked Amanda.

Kim is taken aback when he learns Rachel has paid Kit’s bill at the hospital, and they have a heated argument. Later, fed-up Rachel attends a medical conference with Hugh where she proceeds to try to drink away her troubles with him. In her drunken state, she tells Hugh she wishes she could have married someone more mature like him and they share a longing look, leaving Hugh more confused than ever. Elsewhere, new mum Kit turns to Kim for support and they end up sharing a kiss.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday July 30*

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