It’s the day of Dan and Kerry’s wedding. In the morning, Kerry’s distraught as she tries to convince Dan that it was one-sided kiss, but he isn’t so sure and she’s in floods of tears as he leaves her in doubt about whether the wedding should go ahead. Despite this, Kerry carries on as normal and heads to the church hoping that Dan will show up. But as everyone waits for the wedding to start, there’s no sign of the groom. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a day that they won’t forget in a hurry because Kerry ends up getting arrested and thrown in a police cell!

There’s a new guy wandering around the village and he seems keen to get to know Finn. In the pub, the mystery man, Brad, starts chatting to Finn, asking him questions about the farm and where he lives, but the arrival of Victoria thwarts his attempts to find out more.

Chas asks Marlon if he plans to go on a honeymoon after marrying Laurel, but he says he can’t because Victoria isn’t ready to take over the reins in The Woolpack’s kitchen. Laurel, however, is irked to find out that the real reason he doesn’t want to go away is because of Donna so she storms off in a huff…